Types of Factors Affecting Perception

Semiotic Proces
People perceive some meaning from each sign, this is called as semiotic process

“Semiotic systems have three components
o object
o sign
o interpretant

Types of signs include:
o index
o symbol
o icon”

Perceptual Inference
The participation and contribution of people go beyond the given information. This is called as perceptual inference.

Types of Factors Affecting Perception

• Stimulus Factors--e.g., size, color, movement, type style & variety, multisensory (e.g., smell)
• Person Factors--e.g., hunger, interests, adaptation level, perceptual vigilance & readiness, biases
• Situation Factors--e.g., culture, context, position, surrounding editorial material, mood
• Attention (whether the stimulus is perceived, and what is perceived first, next, etc.)
• Interpretation (how the stimulus is perceived)


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