Service Experience, "My Barbershop Nurettin"

I am studying marketing at Marmara University in Istanbul and this is my homework about my service experience. I wrote about my barber...

Barbershop of Nurettin


I and my brother went to barbershop last week as a usual weekend activity. The barbershop of Nurettin is near to our home and there is no parking problem.

When we entered the barbershop, the owner of the barbershop Mr Nurettin and his assistants welcomed us. We waited for half an hour for our turn. The employees offered us a cup of tea and also newspapers to read.

There were three barbers; Mr Nurettin and his two assistants. You can not determine the one who will cut your hair, any of them could cut your hair and as I experienced, all of them cut my hair in a different style, there is no standard for hair cut.

Mr Nurettin was the one who would cut my hair last week. Before beginning to the hair cut, he asked for the style I want. After the hair cut he also offered shaving my beard. All of these activities; hair cut and beard shaving took my forty minutes.

It was time to leave the barbershop and one of the assistants helped me to wear my jacket.

Although the barbershop of Nurettin does not offer standard service, I know that it is a habit for me to go to barbershop of Nurettin.


Services are unique because they are intangible. Every barber offers a different service. Services are hard to standardize since it depends on human activities.


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