Physical Evidences in a Burger King Restaurant

Blueprint for Burger King
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2.1 Parking Lot
Istanbul Burger King Restaurant has a parking lot for its customers. The capacity of the parking lot is about twelve automobiles and customers can park their cars for an hour. It is very beneficial for customers of Istanbul Burger King to be able to park their cars in front of the store. We think that service satisfaction begins with parking solutions in crowded places such as Istanbul

2.2 Restaurant Door
No one welcomes the customers and even there is no sign that informs you the restaurant is open or closed.

2.3 Waiting Area
After customers enter the restaurant, they immediately join into queue and wait for their turn. During this period of time, customers can look at the menu board and select their menu.

2.4 Menu Boards
Great, colorful menu board display all kinds of menus. Customers make their decisions by investigating these menu boards.

2.5 Check
Customers pay their bills while getting their food in the cashier. Cashier employee ask customers whether they want something else and inform about new promotions in the Burger King offerings.

2.6 Table
After the payment, customers seek for an empty place to eat their meal and they can feel as if they are under pressure since there is a huge customer turnover. As soon as you finish eating, an employee comes and takes the empty dishes.

Burger King Commercial


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