Service Recovery Experience

I am studying marketing at Marmara University in Istanbul and this is my homework about my service experience. I wrote about my e-mail hosting company.

Our company MobiNet installs base stations for Avea and Vodafone. Our work requires close customer relations. Each employee in our office approximately gets 30 e-mails per day and we should reply those e-mails very quickly.

We have been getting the service of e-mail and web hosting from since December 2005.

I hoped that it would have been better with Markum but I was disappointed when I realized that they were even worse than the former hosting firm.

The most important issue about e-mail hosting is that we should get and send e-mails instantly and without any problem. Time is precious in our work and because of the poor performance of Markum, we were unable to receive our customers’ e-mails. This was a crucial problem since we missed some new projects that gsm operators offered us.

After my complaint on, they changed their technology and offered us a better service. We are satisfied with the service of Markum now.

Their service recovery was very successful and I felt that they are really concerned with my problem and I perceive Markum as a customer friendly firm.



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