The print ads of Perrier

Unbreakable Perrier, the freshness factor to go...
How to cool your cravings anywhere, anytime? … all you need tote is a 50 cl of Perrier bubbles...

On the job, in the street, or coursing through your day, the new Perrier bottle moves in synch. In light unbreakable plastic, it's portable Perrier freshness wherever you go.

Country of Origin: France
Region: Southern France
Place Name: Vergeze
Established: 1863

Perrier became an intrinsic part of an active, healthy American lifestyle in the late 1970's. Thanks to the marketing efforts of Nestlé Waters North America Inc., social drinkers started ordering Perrier instead of a cocktail or soft drink. The brand's popularity grew as a refreshing, all-natural, calorie-free alternative beverage.

Imported in the U.S. since the turn of the century, Perrier was first bottled in Vergeze, in the south of France, in 1863. Perrier continues to be bottled at the original source in Vergeze. In April 1985, Perrier with A Twist of natural lemon, lime, or orange flavor (all calorie-free) was introduced in the U.S. These well-liked flavor varieties helped revolutionize natural beverage refreshment.

The print ads of Perrier


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